Common Furniture



Every room should have a focal point because it anchors the space and creates a natural area to put furniture around. Sometimes it occurs naturally in the room, and sometimes you have to create it yourself. The most important thing to remember is that you only want one focal point, otherwise the room can become visually cluttered and confusing to the eye. To create a serene and balanced space, one focal point is the way to go.

This is purely a demonstration of Context, a Shopify theme by Fluorescent. The imagery and text content has been graciously provided by the lovely folks at mlouye. They make leather bags that are so beautiful that you should drop everything and buy some right now: 

Mlouye’s founder and creative director Meb Rure hails from an industrial design background. In 2015, Meb decided to change gears and turn her energy towards Mlouye, a collection of exceptional handbags. Focusing on quality material, good design, craftsmanship and sustainability.

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